How Long Does a Bamboo Fence Last?

For homeowners, bamboo fences are popular because they’re inexpensive and attractive. The best part is they are easy to install. With bamboo fences, a home will have a unique look and an earthy feel. People often wonder how long a bamboo fence will last. So, are they worth it?

Properly installed and maintained bamboo fences can last 15 to 20 years. Bamboo fences are strong enough to withstand hurricane winds. Improperly installed or maintained bamboo fences may only last 2 – 7 years.

Here is an interesting fact: bamboo is grass, not wood. Bamboo grows so fast that in three years, people can harvest it and turn it into a wood-like replacement. The beautiful thing about bamboo is we can harvest it many times without impacting the environment. Ready to talk more about bamboo fences? Let’s do this!

An image of a Closeup view of a detail from the bamboo fence in Arashiyama, Kyoto, Japan.

Here Is How Long a Bamboo Fence Lasts

A bamboo fence can last 15-20 years if installed and maintained correctly.

There are so many advantages to installing a bamboo fence around a home. But there are some things to consider before buying a bamboo fence, such as whether we will install the fence indoors or outdoors.


A bamboo fence installed indoors will last longer than an outdoor one because it is protected from outdoor elements. The indoor fence needs maintenance just like the outdoor kind. It’s no surprise that the indoor bamboo fence is more durable.


A bamboo fence installed outdoors can last longer if it’s maintained. The outdoor type is susceptible to wind, storms, heat, and cold weather. If we take care of it, it will hold up for an extended period of time.

It’s important to clean and stain it every two to three years. This way, we can protect it from decay.

How To Make a Bamboo Fence Last Longer

Bamboo is a very strong and durable material. To increase the life span of bamboo, we will have to take care of it. One of the best ways to protect a bamboo fence is to inspect, maintain, and restore it. The best way to do this is with regular cleaning, sanding, and staining.

The first thing we should do is properly install the bamboo fence. Nothing will make a bamboo fence last longer if it’s not properly installed. Once we have done that, we can coat it with wood protectant for protection.

After a year or two, the bamboo fence will start to age. Then, it’s time for inspection, maintenance, and restoration. People can do this by cleaning, staining, and sealing the bamboo fence.

Here are some tips for detailing a bamboo fence and applying the stain.

  1. Prepare the cleaning solution that consists of detergent and water. Spray the solution on the bamboo fence and leave it for about 15 minutes.
  2. Clean the surface with a cloth or scrub until it removes all the dirt.
  3. Let the bamboo fence air-dry for a couple of days before applying the stain. In this stage, the bamboo has to be completely dry before applying it.
  4. Sand the bamboo fence. This will give a smooth finish, so if we decide to paint it, there will be no bumps.
An image of an old stained bamboo fence.

How Do I Keep My Bamboo Fence From Rotting?

Bamboo fences are not waterproof and are susceptible to mold and rot. To prevent the fence from rotting, maintain them properly and regularly treat them with an appropriate sealant.

Untreated bamboo fences usually last about two years before rotting, especially if we live in a humid area. Bamboo is prone to rotting because it doesn’t have natural toxins that prevent the bamboo from biodegrading.

If we consistently treat bamboo fences with a sealant, they will last for 20 years. We will have to do this regularly and keep the fence out of extreme weather to make this happen.

What causes a bamboo fence to rot?

Excess moisture will cause a bamboo fence to rot. Keep the fence clear of leaves, as this will also cause rotting. Exposure to wet conditions causes mold, decomposition, and rotting.

Can you treat bamboo fences?

We can and should treat bamboo fences for long-term protection. If we do not treat the bamboo, it will decay and split. Bamboo can also be a victim of living things such as insects or fungi.

There are different ways of treatment.

  • We can try natural techniques and get short-term protection, whether it involves saltwater or heat.
  • Or, we can try chemicals, fixing the fence, or using fixing preservatives.

Fixing preservatives is permanent and has toxic chemicals like zinc chrome. This technique will protect for 50 years but isn’t very certain for the environment.

Non-fixing preservatives will temporarily protect bamboo. It is a less toxic technique that uses borax which leaks out from the bamboo if it rains. It’s not a good choice for an outdoor bamboo fence.

An image of a bamboo fence with greens for the background in a tropical country.

Is Bamboo Fencing a Good Idea, Based on How Long It Lasts?

Bamboo fencing can be a good idea, depending on the local climate and how often we will maintain our bamboo fence. 

Bamboo is incredibly durable, strong, and visually appealing. It’s important to note that bamboo fences will attract issues like pests, mold, rot, and fading. But don’t be discouraged because we can make our bamboo fences last longer.

The most important thing is to install the bamboo fence properly. If this first step isn’t done right, there will be problems. Decide whether to get a live bamboo fence or a harvested one. If buying harvested bamboo, ensure it is a certain distance away from the soil.

A live bamboo fence is in contact with the soil, which will lead to rotting. In this case, provide the bamboo fence with water and fertilizer regularly.

To prevent a bamboo fence from damage, regular inspection is a must. Look for any signs of mold, rot, or split. Apply a coating of waterproof sealant every year. Also, exposure to the sun can cause cracking and peeling. In this case, use a sealant with ultraviolet resistance and sun protection.

A bamboo fence is environmentally friendly, and it grows fast. There is no need to worry about destructive termites; they can endure hurricanes if installed properly. On the other hand, we must treat the bamboo regularly; otherwise, it will rot.

So, is bamboo fencing a good idea? It’s hard to tell. There are so many pros and cons. Mostly, it depends on the climate where we live and whether we are willing to maintain the bamboo fence regularly. If deciding to have a bamboo fence, prepare for the responsibility.

Key Takeaways and Next Steps

Pro tip: how to know if a bamboo fence is for you!
Use a few pieces of bamboo to build a small test fence. Leave it out for a year to see how to fares in your climate and environment. Let that help you decide if a bamboo fence works for your area!

The bamboo fence will last for decades if we maintain it, and it has many wonderful features. It is affordable, environmentally friendly, durable, and beautiful.

At the same time, we will become accustomed to treating it once a year, maybe even more. Inspect the bamboo fence every couple of months to ensure it is in good condition.

If you feel this is too much for you, then perhaps a bamboo fence isn’t a good choice. If you don’t mind a little responsibility, go for it!


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