How to Choose Gutter Color (What Colors Work Best)

When it comes to home exterior design, the first thing that comes to mind is a beautiful garden, the door, the front porch, and landscaping. But what about the gutters? Somehow, they are the last thing we consider when decorating the home.

There are generally three ways to choose the gutter color – they look better if they match the siding, trim, and/or roof. Selecting the right gutter color should also complement the home’s architectural style. There is no right or wrong answer here, but these factors will improve the aesthetic.

Why does our house need gutters? Among other things, they keep a home secure from severe weather conditions while funneling water away from the home’s foundation (and basement). They are attached to the edge of the roof and catch the rainwater. A house needs to have a sound gutter system to function correctly.

We all want our homes to look great. The perfect gutter color will enhance the overall curb appeal. Let’s get into more on this subject and have some fun!

An image of fallen Autumn leaves on the shingled roof of a home with rain gutters.

What Color Should Gutters And Downspouts Be?

Most houses have matching gutters and downspouts in a neutral color. However, this is not written in stone. People can pick a variety of colors, and it all depends on what the ultimate goal is.

The safe option is choosing a neutral color like grey, black, beige, white, or brown. But life is too short for neutral colors, so let’s spice it up.

The so-called rules say that gutters and downspouts should be the same color and match the trim or the roof color. Why is that, we ask?

Well, the point of matching gutters and downspouts in a neutral color is to blend in the best way possible. But sometimes, the rules are meant to be broken.

If you want to improve the curb appeal, try colors like warm orange, brick red, green, or copper. These colors aren’t too dull or loud.

Match these gutters and downspout colors with the roof or trim color. This is a challenging task, but if done right, the house will be the talk of the neighborhood.

There is nothing wrong with choosing neutral colors for gutters and downspouts – but warm colors like brick red or copper can make things look a little more attractive.

Our house has white gutters and downspouts because we redid the roof after a storm some time back, but the siding still needs to be done (it’s on the to-do list). And since we don’t know what we’ll choose for the siding, we wanted to keep the gutters and downspouts simple and classic.

Should Gutters Match the Roof or Siding?

Depending on personal preference, gutters can match the roof and/or the siding. Either option is totally valid and generally seen as “correct.”

Each of these options will give a completely fresh look to a house. We must ask ourselves, do we want the gutters to be noticeable or hidden?

In this case, when gutters match the roof or siding, we’ll get the same result – hidden gutters. But if we match the gutters with the trim, that is a different story. The gutters will stand out.

Think about what you prefer the most and go for it!

Pro tip: many companies that do siding and/or gutters will take a photo of your house, then let you play with some software to see how the various colors and options look on your house. So if you can’t visualize the final product – don’t stress! Ask the company representative (salesman) if they can let you see the options!

And if the company rep says their company doesn’t have that software? Take a photo of your house anyway, then do an online search for any of the various free photo editing software that may let you see what different colors will look like via a fill tool. I’m a fan of Canva, as its free tool has many great options!

Should gutters match the roof color?

Gutters look good if they match the roof color, as it helps them blend in. This is a good option because the gutters are elongated on the roof, so this solution feels authentic and natural.

Usually, homeowners choose this option because their house doesn’t have trim on the exterior walls. It’s a trendy and modern home design option.

When it comes to standard roof colors, they’re a combination of colors such as brown, grey, blue, or green. So there shouldn’t be any problems picking the right color for the gutters. Choose the color that stands out more, and pick out what you love.

What is the most popular gutter color?

The most popular gutter colors are white and off-white. These are the most common options for a typical home that has the same color for sidings and trims.

Light colors are popular because they create a bright and clean outline for the whole house. In addition, the white color lightens up the curb appeal and makes your home stand out.

White gutters are an excellent option for a red brick house. This way, we can introduce a different color that will match the red brick color of the home. For example, we can introduce any harmonizing undertones to match a red brick house, such as musket brown.

White, grey, and creamy colors are also popular. These are a perfect option for homeowners who don’t like bright white for their houses. In addition, colors like ivory, wicker, cream, or beige are standard and look beautiful for the entire home.

An image of a new roof with a gutter rain system in orange color.

Should Gutters Be the Same Color as a House?

The wonderful thing about picking out gutters is that if people want to, they can match the color with the house; it depends on their preferred design and aesthetic feel. When in doubt, stick with a classic option, though.

If someone prefers a more modern design, gutters should be the same color as the trim. On the other hand, if they like a more traditional design, they can go with the color of the house, not the trim.

The rule of thumb is that gutters should complement the house colors or thoroughly blend in with the house exterior. Homeowners want to highlight other features of their home, such as beautiful landscapes or door colors rather than gutters.

This is why most homeowners like their gutters to be the same color as the house, not the trim.

Modern home designs, however, prefer gutters to be the same color as the trim. This way, gutters blend in smoothly, which helps the house to look great from the outside.

Should I Do Black or White Gutters?

Black and white colors are the most popular choice for many homeowners. However, every home is different. Both colors are good choices for gutters. But, again, it all depends on what the person prefers.

Sometimes, we decide to go with what we think looks great and consider every color’s practical advantages. Both decisions are good. Every homeowner and house are unique, and the gutters’ colors are also.

As we know, white is the most common for gutters. However, this doesn’t mean someone can’t have black gutters. For instance, black or dark gutters are an excellent choice for a black roof.

Also, black gutters look far better when it rains than white. On the other hand, if the roof is light-colored, we suggest white or off-white gutters.

Black gutters are elegant, making a home look more intimate and smaller. At the same time, white gutters brighten the house and bring a glow to the exterior. Furthermore, white gutters boost the look of aged properties to look more modern.

Black gutters are a better option for homes with black roofs, stone walls, or brick because they intensify the contrast between the materials.

But if your house has a fair amount of wood elements like window frames, white gutters are better than black. White gutters will enhance the beautiful wood.

Note: if you live in an area that gets quite warm and is sunny, you may want to choose white gutters over black, simply so that you don’t burn yourself if you need to deal with the gutters.

When Should Gutter Colors Contrast Instead of a Match?

If a home has a flat roof, the color of the gutters can contrast instead of match. The contrasting color will add more definition and outline to the roof. Choosing the same color as the trim or windows is a great idea.

If the roof has a slight pitch, then match the color of the gutters to the roof. This option will also define the roof line.

The gutter should be like the house’s walls if the roof is high pitched. This way, the roof proportions will be symmetrical with the entire house, and the roof won’t look too heavy.

To sum up, gutter colors can contrast; it depends on the style of the roof. Contrasting gutter colors are not traditional but a fun way to add more allure to a home.

Are some gutter colors more expensive than others?

Gutters are generally affordable, although some color and material choices can be more expensive than others. Colorful gutters, particularly copper gutter colors, are typically more expensive than white ones.

  • Colored gutters, in general, are more expensive than white ones.
  • White gutters are an excellent option for someone on a budget and go very well with any other colors.
  • Aluminum and steel gutters are the most popular and come in different colors. They are also affordable for most people.
  • Copper gutters are the most expensive of all.

Copper gutters, despite their expense, are durable and beautiful. Unfortunately, a professional needs to install them, which is why most homeowners feel discouraged from buying them. They are cumbersome and hard to handle. It’s not a recommended DIY project. This is one to hire out to professionals!

An image of a new modern house cottage corner with stucco walls decorated with natural stones, a brown shingled roof, and a rain gutter pipe system on blue sky copy space background.

Key Takeaways and Next Steps

Gutters are necessary, and they are not the first thing that pops into mind when considering home exterior design. But to be fair, they noticeably impact the curb appeal. Once you understand the relationship between the gutters, trim, and roof, the sky is the limit.

Choosing the perfect gutter color for a house can significantly impact the home’s exterior style. Gutters add a clean line and definition to the entire structure, so choose the right color wisely.

And to do that, I highly recommend you use some computer software (like Canva, Adobe Photoshop, or whatever software the company you’re working with has) to see different color options for your home. That way, you’ll better visualize how things will look.

That doesn’t mean it’ll look exactly like the picture – after all, the lighting will be different outside than it is on a computer screen! Even so, it’ll help you get a great idea of what you want – and what you don’t want.

Or, if you’re worried you’ll overthink things and analyze them to death after the fact? Keep it classic – and within your budget. That’s what we did – and our white gutters still look great even after a couple of years!


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